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LinkedIn Contacts

90 Million People are actively using Linkedln today. We offer a cost effective, time saving solution to provide you with plenty of business and corporate connections to your LinkedIn account. This is a unique service not offered by our competitors. If you want to see an increase in sales, clients or publicity, you can’t go wrong with buying LinkedIn connections.

Many professionals maintain accounts with social networks because of the possibility of increasing connections. Business owners are also taking advantage of these networks to build a steady base of customers and clients. However, very few are able to use their LinkedIn contacts effectively.

It is typical to find unattractive and non-existent profiles that will only ruin their chances of getting potential customers. If you want to ensure a win-win situation, here are some tips for you:

  • Create a professional and client-focused profile – it wouldn’t be a good idea to make the LinkedIn profile appear like a CV.  This is a great temptation that you must overcome.  Instead of filling out the slots, you can write an introduction on how you can help others in solving their problems. When a potential client asks for more information that is the only time when you can talk about your part accomplishments. Your profile should create an impact that potential clients can’t forget.
  • Start connecting – once your profile is set, you can connect with other users within the network. However, it is better to have direct connections. You can use your LinkedIn contacts to find other partners or clients. This will allow you to tap on more opportunities that will soon increase your business sales and profits.
  • Choose the right strategy – basically, you can connect with LinkedIn contacts through the ‘trusted partner networking’ and the ‘open networking’. The latter allows you to connect with more people because there are thousands that are available. However, it can be hard to know lots of people at once. In order to create deeper connections, the other strategy is better.  You will only connect with LinkedIn contacts that you trust and know personally. You can also find new clients or partners when someone recommends you.
  • Use the search function – LinkedIn also has a search function that you can use to find people and potential clients.  You can search by geography, job title, or by company. Find mutual connections that can refer you to potential clients, and you will surely succeed in attracting more people.
  • Provide for testimonials – people want to be convinced of the value and quality of your products or services. Your profile should contain unbiased testimonials from previous clients. However, you should never ‘beg’ your LinkedIn contacts for their testimonials.
  • Choose a good headline – when a person looks for you, the first thing that they will see is a box with the headline, photo, and name. Make sure that you change the default and choose the most suitable one that attracts the attention of potential clients.
  • Interact and connect with more people through groups – groups usually take part in discussion forums. Choose a relevant group and join to interact with others.

In order to remind your LinkedIn contacts about your business website, you have to update your status regularly. Simply follow the tips above and you can go a long way as a business owner.

The contacts we bring will be business professional who (just like you) are seeking to expand their network of influence. Each contact is a real person. They could be future employees, clients, CEO’s, business owners, entrepreneurs looking for business partners etc.

As soon as we receive your order, we take a count of the number of connections you have in your LinkedIn account before we start working on email list. After it is ready you will get this list with instructions how to activate it.

Feel free to contact us and we’d be more than happy to show you examples of previous LinkedIn accounts that we have managed.

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