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Facebook Likes

If you haven’t heard of Facebook Likes by now, you’re probably using a computer for the first time. Facebook allows people promoting their products, services or ideas to create a Fan Page for free. But having a Fan Page but is pretty useless unless you get people interested in your services and this is where we can help you get fans to "like" your page, without having to spend massive amounts of marketing dollars.

Facebook has revolutionized the way things work on the internet. If your business isn’t on Facebook, it should be. A Facebook fan is anybody who clicks the “like” button on a particular page, article, or group. This allows Facebook to deliver news relevant to the item the user “liked”, and also notifies all the friends connected to that user that “Johnny likes Aerosmith”, for example.

Businesses can leverage this in many different ways because Facebook offers paid advertisers the option to target users by age, location and interest – very powerful. Car companies no longer waste money marketing monster trucks to women, and cosmetic companies no longer have to spend money marketing eye shadow to men.

Search engine optimization is a tricky game and even though there is no single magic rule that will get you to the to of the SERPS, Facebook Fans will definitely help. By sharing your content, your followers are creating links to your website and giving your content authority. This is great thing in the eyes of the big G as well as all the other major search engines.


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